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Boxing Poll: Manny Pacquiao or Timothy Bradley

Of epic battles people are expecting, the clash between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney happens in November this year. But before thatManny Pacquaio of the Philippines and American boxer Timothy Bradley will meet on the battle ground in June. Polling sites and experts are now trying to predict who among the two iconic boxers will walk away victorious. 

Tale of the Tape

The fight is set on July 9, 2012 at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Twenty-eight year old Bradley is the current number 1 in the Light Welterweight Division, while thirty-three-year old Pacquiao is the current number 1 in the Welterweight Division. Both agreed to weigh 147 lbs. during the fight.
Pacquaio has 54 wins (38 KO) while Bradley has 28. Pacquaio has 3 loses (2 KO) while Bradley has no recorded losses. Regarding their height, Pacquaio is 169 cm long while his opponent is 168 cm long. Pacquiao’s reach is 170 cm, which is five cm shorter than Bradley’s.

Predicting Polls: Pacquaio or Bradley?

When the negotiation for the “Pacman”- “Desert Storm” fight was finalized, polling sites began soliciting ideas from people about the winner of the future event.
An online boxing poll on the Total Sports Madness site has been participated by 1, 439 individuals as of May 31, 2012. The initial results of the boxing survey show that 1, 220 individuals voted for Pacquaio while only 219 chose the American boxer. Other polling sites have differing results.

On the Bleacher Report website, the same poll was posted and 80.2% answered Pacquaio while 19.8 % went for Bradley (as of May 31, 2012). Polling site PollPursuit also released a similar poll about the anticipated fight, with a promise of 250-USD-worth Amazon/iTunes voucher to the month’s top scorer of the Facebook app.

Furthermore, boxing experts expressed their fearless forecasts about the “mega-fight”. Wes O’Donnell, a known sports columnist, wrote that “if Pacquaio is in his usual frame of mind and trains as he’s always trained, he’ll be the first one to hand a loss on Timothy Bradley”.
IBF/WBA junior welterweight belt-holder Lamont Peterson is sure that Bradley will win. But boxing analyst Larry Merchant says otherwise. Merchant said that Pacquaio will beat the American boxer by KO.

Boxing Fight Surveys

Boxing fight surveys are created for two reasons. First, boxing fight surveys help attract people to watch the event online, on pay-per-view big screens, on free channels or inside the actual boxing venue. Second, boxing fight surveys let people use their critical thinking to predict who is going to win or lose in a fight.
Currently, Boxing News Flash is conducting an online poll to name the greatest boxer of all time. Choices are Manny Pacquaio, Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Henry Armstrong.
Boxing polls also touch on upcoming boxing events, just like the fight between Julio Cesar Chavez and Andy Lee on June 16, 2012. PollPursuit, one of the most updated online polling sites, delivers polls tackling about these sports events and developments. For the Pacquaio- Bradley, the winner will remain a mystery until June 9.

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