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PollPursuit: Voice Your Opinion and Win!

Reading newspapers and watching TV are two of the easiest ways to know what is happening around the world. The internet offers more convenient means of getting news updates on people and events that interest us.

However, we are not contented with purely “knowing” what is happening around. As people who were born with a piece of meat called “brain”, we need to express what we think about these people and events.

More often we share an interesting story that we read in the Reader’s Digest magazine with our friends, and the story becomes the subject of our latter conversations. The conversations lead to some arguments, self-discovery and self-relief. We discover that one person’s beliefs match ours while another was born to be our antagonist.

Online Survey Websites

The internet is a big blessing to humankind. It spiced up the world with more fun. One of the greatest things brought by the internet is the free online survey.

Online survey websites just made net browsing more noteworthy. PollPursuit, one of the free survey websites available online, makes sure that anyone who participates in the polling service receives bliss or pursuit as its title suggests.

Each survey website has its own featured categories for voting. Some deliver polls about celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Daniel Craig while others deliver survey questions about Hilary Clinton and the Scarborough Shoal. There are also online survey websites that gives short yet witty survey questions.
Since the internet is loaded with hundreds of survey websites that cater to specific people and specific interests, we do not need to exert much effort in looking for survey websites that surely tackle our preferred topics.

PollPursuit and Survey Questions

PollPursuit is not an ordinary survey website. It makes polling a superb experience and gives a reason why we should go online as often as possible.

Every day, PollPursuit delivers new 20 survey questions. The survey questions measures our opinion on existing hot topics. These survey questions challenge our brain power, to reflect and decide. We do not have to possess a high IQ to be able to give our view on a certain issue. In short, we do not need to be another Albert Einstein to know whether we are “pro” or “against” Democrats.

What makes PollPursuit very exceptional is that it covers four major categories. The first category of survey polls it covers is Global News and Politics. This category of survey questions fits those who love tuning in to CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and other news channels to know the latest development on the chaos in the Mid East, the leadership of UK’s David Cameron, the life of African children and other political events that sparked international attention.

PollPursuit’s second category of survey questions is Entertainment. Survey questions under Entertainment deals with the glamour, gimmicks, rise and fall of international stars. This makes us think if the rumors about Jessica Simpson, Disney princesses, The Voice contestants and other celebrities are merely gossips or not.

Technology is PollPursuit’s third category. This covers everything that “techies” love to talk about, from BlackBerry’s new phones, Apple’s upgraded computers and other technological advances in the present.

The final category is Sports. Men and other sports fanatics definitely love this. They can express themselves whether they love the results of the latest NBA game or not. Survey questions about the lives of known international sportsmen like Filipino boxer many Pacquaio and American golfer Tiger Woods are also part of this category.

Join Free Online Surveys and Win

Free online surveys are everywhere on the internet. We just use Google or Yahoo to find them. Joining PollPursuit is as easy as stirring a cup of tea. We just log in to our Facebook account and go to Pollpuruit. The site does not require us to put our credit card number in order to start answering survey questions.

PollPursuit also rewards active participants. A member who is declared the top-scorer of the month receives a grand prize. According to Ms. Freda Lee Cara of VirtualWorxs (owner of PollPursuit), it is a 250 USD-worth voucher that is ready to be handed to this month’s top scorer. Could that be us? Winning is simple: just answer more questions. To boost points, credits are available but only to those who are 18 years old and above.

Expressing of opinions with online survey websites is a significant activity for a modern man like us. It does not just enhance our critical thinking skills towards current issues and the pop culture. It also gives us the chance to grab exciting prizes.

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