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Cooking Show Polls: Which Show is More Delicious?

Cooking shows on TV are both educational and entertaining. Current kitchen managers and future culinary artists learn techniques on how to make sumptuous dishes from cooking shows; at the same time, learning funny and dramatic stories behind each recipe.

Mothers and chef wannabes love to spend hours watching cooking shows on TV or online. The shows test the creativity of cooks to prepare new appetizers, dishes and desserts that a cook can serve during special occasions and even normal family mealtimes.

The Next Food Network Star, Chopped, Dinner: Impossible, Iron Chef, Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef are among the most popular cooking shows of the time and are responsible for showcasing food preparation as a new genre in TV entertainment.

Celebrity Chefs

One of the proven ingredients to a successful TV show is the “celebrity touch”. Producers pick famous personalities to appear in segments, to infuse some Hollywood flavors into the show in an attempt to increase viewership and fan base. This strategy attempts to portray the realistic lives of famous celebrities who also cook and dine like regular people.

Cooking shows capture how celebrities chop onions, mix beverages, create new enticing flavors, make personalized dishes and decorate salads.

One show which featured celebrities is “Rachel VS. Guy: Celebrity Cook –Off”. In the show, Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri compete as mentors to their teams which were composed of famous personalities like Aaron Carter, Taylor Dayne, Coolio and Cheech Marin. Actor Lou Diamond Phillips of Team Rachel was declared winner, after six episodes of the show.

The Iron Chef Saga

In 1992, the very first Iron Chef episode was broadcast in Japan. Episodes of the show were dubbed in English and were eventually brought to the United States and Australia. The format of the program was then franchised to make international editions of the show.

Iron Chef America started in 2004 and gained massive publicity especially to homemakers. It featured American chefs like Bobby Flay, Marion Batali and Wolfgang Puck. Iron Chef UK debuted in 2010 and was hosted by Olly Smith and Nick Nairn.

Other successful local versions of the internationally famed Iron Chef show include Iron Chef Australia, Iron Chef Thailand and Iron Chef Vietnam.

The King and Queen of the Kitchen

The Food Network is currently conducting a survey to identify the “favorite World Series sandwich?” Choices are “Texas Steak Sandwich with a smoky salsa verde” and “St. Louis Steak Sandwich with

St. Louis-style BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese”. As of the second week of June, the second recipe entry is the leading choice of viewers/voters/respondents.

The survey is in relation to the network’s cooking show “Chopped All-Stars”. Contestants of the show are Marcela Valladolid, Keegan Gerhard, Jeffrey Saad, Arti Sequeira and other notable cooks.

During the 17th season of MasterChef New Zealand, Chelsea Winter won a survey on which tried to foresee the winner of the show. However, Winter’s rival Ana Schwarz won the title during the finale aired in June. In the survey, Chelsea gained 1309 votes while Schwarz was voted by 785 fans only.

Surveys help in predicting winners of cooking shows, which are mostly participated in by cooking stars to win money for their favorite charity institutions. However, some survey results do not reflect the score sheet of the actual competition.

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