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The 2012 London Olympics Countdown Polls

London is hosting this year's Summer Olympic Games. The capital city of England is gathering a very big crowd from July 27 to September 9 this year. While waiting for the games to start, online polling sites has already been conducting sport polls to learn about the viewpoints of people about issues concerning the upcoming international occasion.

Sport Polls Left and Right
One hundred days before the London Olympics, BBC released a new poll showing that 67% of the British people think the Olympics costs too much. In fact, London is spending 24 Billion Euros to back the event. The cost was originally estimated at 2B Euros only.

The BBC survey involved more than 2000 adults and was carried out by ComRes. Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport secretary of Britain Jeremy Hunt thinks that the results would be different if the poll was done after the Olympic Games. He said "it's like asking someone if they've spend too much on their Christmas dinner after the big Christmas shop, but before Christmas Day".

In another sport poll by YouGov, it is claiming that British people think that the Olympic Games will be generally good for London. Further results of the sports poll show that 48 % of Londoners admit they are interested in the Games (49% say they are not).

The Telegraph conducted an online sports poll to know if people are excited by the prospect of the Olympics. The leading answer was "I'll never be excited by the Games in London…" which was chosen by 48% of the respondents. News reports have it that athletes like Andy Najar, Heather Fell and Maria Sharapova are thrilled by the prospect of the event.

In January, Crunchy Roll released a sports poll that seeks to name singers who should perform during the opening ceremony of the Olympics. The top choices include Hatsune Miku, Super Junior, Big Bang, Shinee, One Direction, Girls' Generation, Lady Gaga, McFly, Justine Bieber and Rammstein. Another site Gok Pop also threw the same question and Super Junior and Big Bang were identified as the top choices of their respondents.

A Survey of Gold Medal Winners
Every athlete flying to London for the Olympics is definitely targeting to bring home at least one medal. A grand "hero's welcome" in their home country awaits those who win during the Olympics.
According to the medal tally of the website, the United States has the most gold medals and has the highest number of medals won. The powerhouse has 1,018 gold medals in all. Combined with silver and bronze medals, the US has a total of 2, 552 medals.
USSR, which is second with 1204 medals, has 473 gold medals, 376 silver medals, 355 bronze medals. Germany in the third spot, with 718 medals, has 232 gold medals, 235 silver medals and 251 bronze medals.
A game poll on the NBC Olympics site poses a question "which country will win the 2012 medal race?". The choices are "United States", "China" and "Russia". Actually, the correct answer to the poll will be known after the Olympics.

Out of the 204 participating countries, 80 have not yet won an Olympic medal. The Olympic Summer Games in London includes 302 medal events across 32 sport categories.
One of the most anticipated participants of the London Olympic Games is American swimmer Michael Phelps. The swimmer won 16 Olympic medals in all (eight during the Athens Olympics and another eight during the Beijing Olympics). PollPursuit , a fun polling app on Facebook, wonders if Phelps will win eight medals again this

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