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Apple’s iPhone 5 September 2012 Release: Fact or Fiction

No iPhone 5 has arrived since last year. This 2012, it is rumored that Apple will finally launch the new iPhone device. Are the rumors mere gossips or based on facts?

A report on iMore reveals that iPhone 5 will be presented on September 12, 2012 and will be released on the 21st of the same month.

Apple may have never given any statement to confirm the launching date of the new generation iPhone. However, iMore claims that their sources are believable and proven accurate.
iMore’s Rene Ritchie further wrote:

The iPad mini will be announced at the same September 12 event, as will the new iPod nano. We haven't heard a release date for the iPad mini yet, but it could be the same as the iPhone 5. It seems likely the new iPod touch will make an appearance on September 12 as well, though we haven't heard any specific information about that yet either.”

App4Phone also backs the update regarding iPhone 5’s September launching, citing Chinese manufacturer sources.

Macotakara, a Japanese Apple blog, claims:
"According to Asian reliable source, next iPhone will be released in September or October, and this cycle seems to be kept for years.

In March, it was learned that Apple is targeting October for the release of the new generation iPhone which has working names “iPhone 5, 1” and “iPhone 5, 2”.

Apple launched iPhone 4S on October 4 last year. Traditionally, Apple introduces one iPhone device every year.

Rumors have it that the iPhone 4S successor will feature a 4-inch screen, 4G LTE radio, A5X chipset and a new micro dock connector.

Josh Smith of Gotta Be Mobile wrote that the upcoming iPhone device will be thinner, use a water-proof dock connector and have better microphones.

The rumors continue gaining mixed reactions from consumers. Some are excited to upgrade their 4S phones, while others are not thrilled to spend their money on the new Apple product.
A notable comment on the CNN site asserts “Isn't the iPhone 5 supposed to be 4G capable, unlike every iPhone before it so far?”

Some are wondering if the new product will make it big, just like its predecessor. Last year iPhone 4S sold four million units during its first three days of release, making the Apple product the fastest-selling gadget of all time.

Despite media hype, experts are still unconvinced that Apple will dominate the market if iPhone 5 is released. A Digi Times analysis claims that Android will still grab 70% of the worldwide market share by the end of 2012.

Smith, in another analysis, wrote:
Apple is counting on the iPhone 5 to take on the Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note 2 and the HTC One series. This year the competition has stepped it up, so we expect more than a fresh coat of paint on the iPhone 4S body.

Apple may be enjoying top media coverage brought by the much anticipated iPhone 5. Regarding the rumors, everything will be confirmed at the press launching on September 9.

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