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Kicking Euro 2012 Football Polls

With every successful goal, the applause from the audience gets louder and louder. Sixteen football teams in the 2012 European Football Championship or more popularly called Euro 2012 are competing with each other to grab a slot in the upcoming Federation Internationale de Football Association or FIFA.

 This year’s Euro Cup is hosted by both Poland and Ukraine. It will run through July 1. The competition started on June 8, with millions of people wondering who among their idols will shine the brightest. Will it be Alan Dzagoev, Mario Gomez, Mario Mandzukic or Cristiano Ronaldo?

 Some football fanatics intentionally flew to the two countries to personally see their idols and visit the edifices that were made purposely for the international event. Among the most visited venues of the Euro 2012 include the Donbass Arena in Ukraine and the Municipal Stadium in Poland.

 Euro Cup Matches

The first semi-final game of the Euro 2012 featured Iberian rivals Portugal and Spain. The score was 4-2 in penalty, in favor of Spain. The winner of the upcoming Italy-Germany match will play against Spain on the first of July.

Last July 24, Italy won over England, 4-2 on penalties. According to football experts, Italy appeared superior to England during the fight. German football manager Jurgen Klinsman admitted that he was impressed with how Italy controlled the entire game

Another memorable match was the Germany-Greece game. Germany won the match, 4-2. All matches since the first day of the event are well-covered by news groups that broadcast results to millions of viewers worldwide.

The next and last semi-final match is expected to gather more crowds at Poland’s National Stadium where Italy will fight against Germany. In the tournament’s history, Germany never defeated Italy. Thus, this year’s Euro Cup will be historical if Germany will defeat Italy.

 The much-anticipated final match will take place at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, Ukraine.

 Euro Cup 2012 Football Polls

 After updating their readers about the results of the latest Euro Cup games, news sites and sports blogs solicit for opinions regarding anything concerning the latest games. One of theissues that Guardian tackled is the banning of the England band which was allowed to play into the remaining games.

Results have it that 82.9% believes that the band should be banned, while the remaining 17.1% says otherwise. SkySports is conducting an online survey about the recent England-Italy game. The question goes “Who was England’s man of the match against Italy”. The initial results show that 41% of respondents say it was John Terry, 33.1% sayit was Glen Johanson, 15.7% say it was Joe Hart, 6.8% say it was Joleon Lescott, and only 3.4% say it was Ashley Cole. Team Talk also ran the same poll. Still, Johanson led with 40.99%. Then comes Terry with 21.62%, Hart with 20.27%, Cole with 4.95%, and Lescott with 2.7%. Between Portugal and Spain, a Castrol Football survey shows that Spain (68%) will win over Portugal (32%). Meanwhile, aFootball.cofootball survey predicts that Germany will win the entire competition. Fifty-two percent (15%) of respondents foresee Germany as the overall winner while 15%see Spain winning the trophy.

Spain also received the highest number of clicks in the Indiana Express online poll that requests readers to vote for the country that they like to win in the competition. Coming behind are Italy and Germany. Who do you think will win in the Euro 2012? Vote for your team now! Join PollPursuit and watch out if your answer is correct on July 1.

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